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"Laura Smude Gets 5 out of 5 Stars"

The following is a review written by Ken, who used Laura's services to sell his house in spring of 2020.

“In the summer of 2019, I decided to sell my house. My house was a high-demand one-level townhome located in Maple Grove, Minnesota. I decided to simply list it as a "For Sale by Owner" on Zillow. I was building my new home and had a move with a goal of May 2020. I have certain aptitude for real estate and did not anticipate any problems as I had a desirable home in a good community and a bit of a background in selling real estate.

Unfortunately, I had little to no action on my property via Zillow. In January of 2020, Laura Smude of Reality Group called for a showing saying her client was interested in my home. The potential buyer did not qualify, but I remembered the very positive experience I had with Laura. Spring of 2020 was fast approaching and my house still had not sold. I decided to call Laura and ask her to list my property. Laura was very appreciative of my call and willing to listen to my insights on the property value and possible avenues for getting top dollar. She was very responsive to all my calls, emails, and questions. We set a price and had real hope of getting top dollar. Then the pandemic hit. I was sure my hopes of sale had just disappeared, but Laura assured me that my home would sell.

In March we had zero showings, and I was starting to despair. However, Laura demonstrated her superior understanding of the market and her knowledge of the local area, and suggested a bit of a price adjustment. A short time later, a property around the corner was posted for sale several thousand less than my asking price. This made me nervous, but Laura told me to stick with my price point and I listened.

Laura worked hard to engage her network of professional contacts, and by early May we had four showings with a cash offer among them! Laura closed the deal in two weeks and I moved into my new home right on schedule – May 23, 2020.

I cannot thank Laura enough for the honesty, consistency, professionalism and respect that she has shown me. Laura Smude gets 5 out of 5 stars.”

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