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Home Renovation - Finding Your Contractor

If you’ve ever tried to hire help for home projects, you know how hard it can be to find someone reputable and trustworthy. My best advice after hiring people to work on our home renovation – leverage your network! I was able to find many of our tradesmen & women through my network of colleagues, friends, and family. I even turned to Facebook for recommendations from my network there.

Even if you think you’re making the right choice in hiring someone – sometimes things just don’t work out. We went through three (yes, three!) general contractors before one stuck. The first didn’t call back after just a few days on the job. The second came to work intoxicated. The third was recommended by a friend, and he was fantastic! So even if your first hire doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to keep trying.

During our renovation, I was talking with our contractor daily. Sometimes I worked alongside him doing odd jobs or running errands since we were on a tight budget. By staying close to the process, I was able to see things as they happened, and could ask questions or make changes if something didn’t look right.

Another question I hear a lot – “How do I know that the contractor is doing a good job?” Again, I’ll go back to the word of mouth recommendation. If you go with someone recommended by a trusted friend/colleague, you’re already ahead. Make sure you understand the contractor’s plan, and ask questions if you need clarification. Ensure they’re pulling necessary permits from the city, or pull them yourself as the homeowner. Stay engaged in the project from start to finish.

When in doubt, you’re always welcome to call your friendly neighborhood realtor!

I’m always happy to help my clients with recommendations for home renovation professionals.

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